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EV SSL Certificates:
EV SSL Certificate, the ultimate-credibility “green bar” certificates, dramatically increase online sales and help avoid phishing and online scams.

Wildcard SSL Certificates:
Wildcard certificates secure unlimited subdomains of one domain with one certificate. Most other types of certificates only secure the main domain or one subdomain.  Domain roots are the same ie: yourdatacenter.com but the prefix can be different ie: www, domains, sslcerts, contact, otherserver.

SGC SSL Certificates:
SGC SSL Certificates are used for securing web sites with Server Gated Cryptography (SGC). This is the ONLY type of certificate that boosts all users to minimum 128-bit encryption.  If you have a high profile website that needs the ultimate protection, this is it!

High Assurance SSL Certificates:
What’s considered a high-assurance SSL certificate is an Organization Validation (OV) SSL. This means the certificate both encrypts and establishes your business’s credibility.  This does not use a server bundled cert file and goes back to the issuer to double-verify authenticity.

Standard SSL Certificates:
Standard SSL Certificates with all the characteristics you'd anticipate and some you wouldn't.  They are low cost and ideal for mail servers and slightly lesser security websites.  Encryption is 2048 bit minimum.  More than adequate for most websites.


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