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  Your Data Center Incorporated is a leading New York Website Hosting & Website Design company. We host websites from New York, Chicago, London & Sydney in our data centers via a three continent cloud computing & dedicated hosting environment. Our off-site backup facilities are HIPAA Compliant. We specialize in low cost web hosting & backup services.

 We sell domain names and website hosting at http://www.ydcwebhost.com with the largest selection of TLD and Sub-TLD domains available!  Visit our main website in New York at http://www.yourdatacenter.com, our Sydney domains and hosting facility at http://domains.yourdatacenter.com or our London Website Hosting facility at http://www.londoncloudhosting.com - Feel free to drop us a line with your questions.

New York services include WiFi Sales, WiFi Installs, Network Sales, Network Installation, Phone Systems, Fiber/Cable/Wire Runs, LAN security, Firewalls, Computer Sales, Computer Repair Services & PCI Compliant Computer installation.  

 We are a Dell Registered Partner and a Lenovo Business Partner. Your Data Center Incorporated sells over one million computer and networking products with fast delivery to anywhere in the United States via multiple warehouse distribution points.  We back and install everything we sell!




The Your Data Center Family Includes:
YourDataCenter.com - Domains4hosting.com - NewPoseidonGames.com
MyDataCenter.co - IspToolChest.com - YourIspTools.com - IpBillboard.com
MyNetworkSpecialist.com - MyDataCenter.us - YourNetworkSpecialist.com
HuntMyIP.com - WebOverLondon.com - WebsiteCounty.com - IpMailbox.com
NewYorkCloudHost.com - PCIDSSbackup.com - NewYorkCloudHosting.com
Tier1Backbone.com - WebOverLondon.co.uk - LondonCloudHosting.com
WebsiteHosting-NY.com - YourDataCenter.co - WebsiteHostingNYC.com
InternetComputerSupport.com - PoseidonGames.com - Longeland.com
WebsiteCountyMall.com - YourDataCentre.com - eSiteArchitects.com
Computer-Repair-LI.com - GetSoftwareToday.com - PcRepair-NY.com
YourWebsiteDesignFirm.com - Ydci.us - ComputerRepair11581.com
FreewareLoft.com - VirtualWebsiteHost.com - HostLongIsland.com
OfficeWirelessNetwork.com - BusinessWirelessNetwork.com
LongIslandDataCenters.com - TheValueAddedReseller.com
YDCWEBHOST.com - PcRepair-LI.com - WebsiteHosting.LI
OfficeNetworkInstallations.com - WiFiNetworkSales.com
MyWebsiteDesignFirm.com - DiscountInkjetSupply.com
WiFiNetworkInstallation.com - WiFiNetworkInstall.com
AustraliaCloudHost.com - MyDiscountComputer.com
MyDataCenter.net - 4YourDataCenter.com - YDC.me
TheFirewallStore.com - ManhattanDataCenters.com
ChicagoSiteHost.com - NewYorkSiteHost.com
WireRuns.com - NewYorkCableRuns.com

Website Hosting and Corporate Email Just Got Simpler at HostLongIsland.com!
High Quality Business Website Hosting by a Long Islander for Long Island!
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Your Data Center is Corporate Security Done Right!
Host Long Island is Website Hosting Done Right!

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Call (516) 256-DATA
Toll-Free: (800) 651-YDCI

Mobile: **WEBHOST or **CALLYDC
(Star Star codes work on Verizon Wireless, AT&T, Sprint & T-Mobile)

New York City, NY: 212.203.8964
Suffolk County, NY: 631.479.3345
San Jose, CA: 408.549.1025
Sydney, Australia: 02.8417.BEST (2378)
Nassau County, NY: 516.279.1346
Nassau County, NY: 516.256.3282
Chicago, Illinois: 872.213.1196
London, England: 020.3318.1929
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